Kitchen powder

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Crepes flambé?! Go ahead, Extingua Kitchen is with you!
Flambé whatever you like: Extingua Kitchen is close at hand. All the uniqueness of an object of design, with the safety of a foam home fire extinguisher to protect your kitchen against even the craziest chef!

  • A designer extinguisher for protecting against fire in the home (other than the kitchen), car, boat, camper or trailer.
  • Original colourful graphics decorate while protecting.
  • Capacity 1 kg, total weight 1.85 kg, dimensions 28.8 cm H / Ø 9 cm, CE0062 approval.
  • Extinguisher type: ABC POWDER
  • Application temperature: -30°/+60°C, fire classes A (solids), B (liquids), C (gases).
  • Made in EU
  • Wall support included