Faces powder

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Which is your best profile?! Extingua Faces knows.
Extingua Faces captures your mood of the day in fun, colourful profiles. All the uniqueness of an object of design, with the safety of a foam home fire extinguisher to protect any room in your home, day after day.

  • A designer extinguisher for protecting against fire in the home (other than the kitchen), car, boat, camper or trailer.
  • Original colourful graphics decorate while protecting.
  • Capacity 1 kg, total weight 1.85 kg, dimensions 28.8 cm H / Ø 9 cm, CE0062 approval.
  • Extinguisher type: ABC POWDER
  • Application temperature: -30°/+60°C, fire classes A (solids), B (liquids), C (gases).
  • Made in EU
  • Wall support included