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For home or car? Powder or foam? And for which classes of fire?

These used to be the key issues you had to consider before buying a fire extinguisher.


And then Extingua came along.


Extingua is portable

its technical specifications make it adaptable to any situation, whether indoors or outdoors, at home or on holiday.

Extingua is Made in the EU

every aspect of every item, from the graphics to the modular parts, is designed and engineered in Europe. Nothing is left to chance.




It offered the practicality of a domestic fire extinguisher and the uniqueness of a design object available in two collections

to beautify any room and make your life safer as well as beautiful.




The original graphics of Stickers are a fiesta of colour, humour and creativity. Our security design device are available in foam and powder version.

The wild style of Animal, featuring wooden supports in the elephant, deer and kangaroo versions, makes these devices super attractive.


Now you never have to make a choice between safety and beauty.


More than just a home fire extinguisher. It’s Extingua