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You don't play with fire

Extingua is a fire extinguisher with a truly unique and individual style: beautiful to look at, easy to use, and tailored to express your personality and love of design and, of course, to protect your home.

Extingua powder

A tribute to the many facets of creativity. The Extingua powder Collection, with its iconic graphics and colour, was created to bring safety and pleasure … with unmistakable Made in Italy design, will keep your home safe.

Animal Collection

Outside the charm of the wildest animals, inside a heart of fire-fighting foam, is the Animal Collection by Extingua in three types: elephant, deer and kangaroo. Italian design and quality materials, in a unique object, born to tame.

Extingua foam

The uniqueness of a design object, the safety of a domestic foam fire extinguisher. Extingua is the device with a unique and unmistakable style: beautiful to look at, easy to use, designed to express your personality and tell your love for beauty, for design and of course for your home.